Our Next Streamed Festival Event

The Festival starts on Friday 30th April at 6.30

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All events are free to children and young people aged 18 and under. People with a low income can also access events for free.
For those people, with funds available, keen to support our artists and technical team we recommend a minimum donation of £5 per person. Super fans may choose to donate even more, please!

If you want you can view the gig on YouTube and join in the chat.

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All the Festival Streams


6:30pm | Paul Rigby's Big Bands and Beyond
7:30pm | Friday Welcome
8:00pm | Nicola Farnon Trio
9:10pm | Festival Showcase Chapter 1
10:00pm | Neutrino
10:40pm | Matt and Miles DuoFooleesha Radio Show


3:00pm | Jump Up and Jump In
3:15pm | Saturday Welcome
4:00pm | John Pope's Quintet in partnership with Jazz North
5:10pm | Festival Showcase Chapter 2
6:00pm | Festival Big Band Showcase
6:40pm | Shunya Masterclass
7:10pm | NYJO - An Essential Guide for Young Musicians
8:00pm | Yaatri
9:15pm | Not Now Charlie in partnership with Jazz North
11:00pm | Phil Lee's Jazz Pleasures Radio Show


3:00pm | Jump Up and Jump In
3:15pm | Sunday Welcome
4:00pm | Emma Johnson's Gravy Boat
5:10pm | Festival Showcase Chapter 3
6:00pm | The Moore, Modarelli, Rayatt Trio
7:10pm | Women in Jazz with Issie Barrett
8:00pm | Kyla Brox Band
9:10pm | Sue B & All that Jazz Radio Show