Festival Freedom Passes

rv_lanyard_2018Freedom passes for the whole weekend of music will soon be on sale. The initial "early bird" price will be £99 or £89 for members, thus saving at least £25 on the full cost of buying the tickets individually and then there's savings on booking fees too!

Buying a Freedom Pass guarantees that you get into all the gigs* as there will be sellout shows eg Clare Teal.

Obviously we'll let our members know first when the passes go on sale but if you sign up to our newsletter we'll let you know at the same time. Newsletter Sign-Up Here!


If you're a member of RVJ&B then you get an extra £10 discount. So it makes great sense to become a member first, then get your Freedom pass. Or, as Martin Lewis (of Money Saving Expert fame) might say - "Get the £15 family membership, buy 2 Freedom passes and save even more!" 
So click here to become a member

 (*terms & conditions apply)