Phil Lee's Jazz Pleasures Radio Show

  • Saturday 1 May | From: 11:00pm - 12:00am
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Phil Lee is a jazz aficionado of many years standing. He has a firm belief that jazz is much more than just a form of music that developed in the US largely in the latter part of the 20th Century.

That body of work obviously draws heavily on African rhythms and was heavily influenced by Latin music and other European traditions as European mass immigration to the US continued apace. Forms of music that can be called jazz can be found wherever you travel to. I am also interested in how new music becomes reinterpreted by jazz musicians - thus becoming the "new" standards.

Listening to jazz is a great privilege and pleasure. My monthly Ribble FM show tries to spread my delight with jazz to the listener. If you like what you hear then you may wish to join me at 9pm on the 3rd Wednesday of every month for my Jazz Pleasures Show. Simply, trying to inspire and enchant you with some of the best jazz the world can offer


Phil Lee - all on his ownsome! Although with lots of technical help from Alan Bramwell


"Phil's Jazz Pleasures Show on Ribble FM is the best thing since sliced bread. Trust Me. I was a baker all my life."  Phil's mum, Mary Lee (101 years old) - so she's heard a thing or two in her time

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