Nicola Farnon Trio

  • Friday 30 April | From: 8:00pm - 9:10pm
  • Tickets: Please make a donation if you can.

  • Watch Live Here

A great sounding, but somewhat unconventional, jazz trio with superb musicianship.

This is a set not to be missed.

Some RVJB Trustees saw this band play at the Manchester Jazz Festival in 2018. At first glance a trio playing great jazz and Latin standards; but it doesn’t take long to realise that these “standards” sound pleasingly different when delivered by this rather unconventional trio. Not only is there is Nicola’s husky, pleasing voice and her wonderful double bass playing, you need to add to the mix a pianist, Richard Weatherall.

Lastly, but by no means least, there is Phil Johnson on drums and percussion driving everything forward in a careful and creative way. These are great tight-knit musicians who take you on a journey a long way away from any conventional jazz trio! Nicola has featured regularly on Radio 3 Jazz Requests and has backed many great British jazz musicians including Jim Mullen, Digby Fairweather, Dave Newton and Courtney Pine. The trio has a wide range of potential music they can play from Kenny Garrett and Stan Getz through Aretha Franklin to Miles Davis. Their set will include some of these plus some extremely catchy and fine original compositions by Nicola herself.


Nicola Farnon - voice and double bass; Richard Weatherall - piano;  Phil Johnson - drums and percussion


"A remarkable performer on stage, a fine singer and an outstandingly swinging and propulsive bass player with an outgoing personality to match...I declare that she is a class act who should be on every jazz festival in the land….A sure fire hit!" Humphrey Lyttleton

"Jazz—creatively demanding and superbly played. They also knew a thing or two about responding to an audience. By the end, we would have followed them anywhere." Wakefield Jazz Review

"The Nicola Farnon Trio combine first class musicianship with a genuine enthusiasm for being on stage at a prestigious jazz festival. Time and again Farnon’s bass playing swung, her winning vocals a delight."  Scarborough Jazz Festival