• Friday 30 April | From: 10:00pm - 10:30pm
  • Tickets: Please make a donation if you can.

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Neutrino play music to groove to, drenched in warm funkiness.

Neutrino are a delight on the ear, their creative compositions take you to many dimensions, floating your imagination into a beautiful futuristic sound then swiftly leaping your mind into a blast of 70's stylie psychedelic fast funk.

Neutrino are 3 excellent young musicians based in Lancashire. They are an eclectic mix of musicians, their music is influenced by many genres; jazz, dance, experimental, funk & traditional music. 

Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues Club were delighted to award the band the inaugural Jackson Jazz and Blues award in 2020. Festival 2020 was cancelled and it is only now that we are able to celebrate this band and their prize. As part of their set they will premiere their JJB commision and will shortly benefit from a day in the studio as part of their prize.

Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues Club are keen to support the careers of young musicians.

They were created by Alex & James as commissioned by Darwen Live Festival. Michael joined them on percussion & since then the trio have performed at a number of festivals & special events, always attracting a big crowd, new fans & wowing music lovers wherever they go.

The 3 band members Alex Roberts, James Robinson & Michael Russell will be an important part of the live music scene for a long time to come. They are excellent musicians in their own right, together as Neutrino they are breathtaking. Throughout their live shows Neutrino are often joined by guest musicians/vocalists & have recently adopted Blanty as guest guitarist.

They are new, young, energetic, buzzing, brilliant & up for it... get to see them while you can.


Alex Roberts - bass and synths, James Robinson - keyboards, Michael Russell - drums, Blanty - guitar


"This crew create a warm vibe, brimming with joy and a healthy dash of silliness - we love" RVJ&B Trustee