Matt & Miles DuoFooleesha Radio Show

  • Friday 30 April | From: 10:40pm - 12:00am
  • Tickets: Please make a donation if you can.

  • Watch Live Here

Matt and Miles have curated a unique Festival edition of their show. Nobody really knows what to expect from this special edition ...

...those on the inside are suggesting there may be some gentle electrolysis, an opportunity to gyrate and all being well destinations not previously encountered.

If you like what you hear then you may wish to join Matt and Miles on the first Wednesday of every month for a refreshing take on the jazz genre in all its forms. Their engaging two-hour show spotlights new contemporary music from across the spectrum, from the north of England to the heart of urban America, rural Africa and the trampoline.

Also, regular features on the music of artists performing at the Ribble Valley Jazz and Blues Club plus opportunities to get involved in making and enjoying music.

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