Colin Steele

  • Thursday 24 March  | From:  7:00pm | Stage:  8pm - 10:00pm | Adv Tickets: £15, members £13, under 18s £5.
  • Available soon...

"Award-winning Scottish trumpeter Colin Steele has won admirers across Europe for his folk music-influenced approach to jazz. He has recently turned his melodic phrasing and improvising gifts to interpreting contemporary songwriters, and this latest release honours the music of the iconic singer-songwriter, Joni Mitchell.
 Colin's approach is to not stray too far from the melody, look for beauty and create tunes that glow and sparkle with warmth and affection. It’s a beautiful concept that not many musicians could pull off, but with David Milligan (piano), Calum Gourlay (bass) and Alyn Cosker (drums) he does it!