Rafiki Jazz

Northern England’s global collective Rafiki Jazz migrated to a new utopian soundworld on their last album release ‘Saraba’ an adventurous world music occupied by enchanted voices, deep memories and rootsy folk histories. Live-recorded in a series of studio residencies through 2018, with every cascading note you can feel the intimacy and immediacy of a Rafiki Jazz gig.

Rafiki Jazz are an eight-piece, based in Sheffield, who began as collaboration between local musicians and migrant and refugee artists. Their current line-up comes from four continents. They produce an elegant, mesmerising multi cultural fusion celebrating devotional songs from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Their four singers include Sufi soul exponent Sarah Yaseen and Avital Raz, a singer-songwriter born in Jerusalem who has studied music in India. While the backing includes West African kora, Arabic oud and ney flute, Indian and Brazilian percussion and even Caribbean steelpan. We feel that festival goers will very much enjoy this band.

“Impressive, elegant & wide-ranging...a mesmerising album of devotional songs from Africa, the Middle East & Asia by a British band who specialise in multicultural fusion”
The Guardian


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We went to see them in Nelson before we booked them. They are just amazing - jazz with a very international flavour: combining inspiration from many countries with a sprinkling of spiritual ambience. Just wonderful!
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