Issie Barratt’s Interchange

Issie Barratt’s Interchange is an exciting new jazz dectet comprising ten of the nation’s most innovative award-winning composers and improvisers. Pushing at the boundaries and blurring all the edges!

Issie will be working as an artist-in-residence throughout the jazz festival.

We are delighted that our artist-in-residence – Issie Barrett – is bringing her all female, ten piece band to Clitheroe. Radio 4 has placed Issie on the list of the most influential women in the British music industry.

For many years Issie has grafted hard in the background developing young British jazz talent, largely, but by no means exclusively, with the National Youth Jazz Collective. Interchange is a superb product of much of that hard work. London Jazz News described their set at the London Jazz Festival as “a compelling and emotional set of top drawer contemporary jazz... with electrifying texture... the band played their heart out.” The band contains many young female artists who now have wide national and international profiles – notably:

Issie Barratt: Baritone saxophone
Jessica Radcliffe: Vocals
Becca Toft: Trumpet
Helena Kay: Alto saxophone & Clarinet
Alyson Cawley: Tenor sax, clarinet & flute
Rosie Turton: Trombone
Shirley Smart: Cello
Karen Street: Accordion
Charlie Pyne: Acoustic/electric bass & vocals
Katie Patterson: Drums & percussion

We are blessed to be able to see so many great female jazz musicians in one place all at the same time. Not to be missed!

To celebrate the release of INTERCHANGE's debut album - "Donna's Secret" - Fuzzy Moon Records is offering a special offer for friends of INTERCHANGE's Facebook page: Those who order Donna's Secret through before 1st February are invited to select a 2nd complimentary CD from the following 3

1. Issie Barratt's Astral Pleasure
2. Issie Barratt's Meinrad Iten Suite
3. Mike Gibbs' NDR album with Norma Winstone and Mark Mondesir

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