Kyla Brox Band


Blues and soul become inextricably entwined in award-winning singer-songwriter, Kyla Brox, whose raw talent has seen her described as “the finest female blues singer of her generation” In a huge nod to her ongoing stature in British Blues, the UK Blues Federation made Kyla an official Ambassador of UK Blues.

She is one of only three British singers privileged to be included in the 50 Women of the Blues Spotify playlist and in 2019 her band won the European Blues Challenge Award.

Daughter of cult blues figure, Victor Brox, who played the Festival last year. She began her career as a teenager in her father’s band. Kyla has now honed her own sophisticated sound, as heard on the scintillating, multi-faceted new 2019 album Pain & Glory. Her voice - tender, urgent, gritty and blurring the distinction between pleasure and pain combines well with the enchantingly fluent guitar work of Paul Farr, inspired bass playing of Danny Blomeley and in-the-pocket drumming of Mark Warburton. They combine to make a unique and powerful, often joyous, always emotional experience. If Blues and Soul is your thing – do not miss this!

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Geoffrey Jackson
Kyla Brox Band opens up the RV International Jazz & Blues Fest Gor good reasons! She’s a wonderful blues/soul singer - backed by a splendid band (Paul Farr/Danny Blomeley/Mark Warburton) - is part of an amazing blues family & is based in the area around Manchester-Lancashire! A great performance in prospect!
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