Cold Bath Street - Improvisation Workshop

Improvisation isn’t just for the most experienced jazz musicians, actually it is a way of making great music that is open to all. This workshop is designed to open this door for players of any instrument, style, age or experience level. No music reading is required just a basic working knowledge of an instrument.

Participants in this workshop have the opportunity to take part in the evening concert at 5.30pm in the Assembly Rooms. 

Workshop content:

  • Learning to play together
  • Roles within the music
  • Listening and responding
  • Phrasing and rhythmic interaction
  • Development & life of ideas

Simon Partridge - Workshop Leader
Simon is a highly experienced musician, a Northern based academic and educator. In five years Simon has been developed approaches to encouraging collaborative music making, as can be seen in practice his acclaimed band Cold Bath Street but can also now be experienced in practical workshops which invite members of the public to work with Simon and his band to make original music together.

Author Name:
Geoff Jackson
Very pleased to have this Improvisation Workshop on Festival programme, and to have it linked to a Cold Bath Street performance - both at The Assembly Rooms (formerly The Catholic Social Club, Clitheroe. It links us with UCLan, and brings another side to our festival programme. Welcome to Simon Partridge & Team!
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