Deep Cabaret

Another wonderful Monday afternoon festival gig, this time at the United Reformed Church, Clitheroe.

A performance by Deep Cabaret, led by Steve Lewis, fragments from leftfield pop, African, folk and jazz, channelled through a sextet of instruments rarely heard in jazz (hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, overtone vocals) and setting found texts from across science, literature and history.  Deep Cabaret are one of 12 Jazz North Round 5 Northernline bands.

Deep Cabaret is a thing of riffs and drones. And what drones! Hurdies, bagpipes, bass clarinets, cellos and the beguilingly unsettling harmonics of overtone singing. Desert blues improv and noir-drenched dronesongs; fulsomely romantic and coruscatingly edgy. With mashed-up lyrics lifted from neuroscience, slavery, fiction and Cole Porter covers all "pickled in the juices of the peat." Audiences say "Gorgeous and stirring", "Wonderful and invigorating"

Line-up: Steve Lewis - voice, guitar; Jayson Stilwell - overtone vocals; Matt Robinson - clarinets; Maja Bugge - cello; Paul Sherwood - hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes; Ben McCabe - drums, vocals.

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These look pretty interesting
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