Bugge Wesseltoft (Workshop)

This intimate hour-long workshop from Norweigan jazz pianist and composer Bugge Wesseltoft will give an insight into his career as a musician. It will include anecdotes and pieces of music and will be an exclusive opportunity to get up close and personal.

“There is no musician or artist in the world that is not inspired by others. However, the important thing is to let inspiration develop, to work towards finding a unique means of personal expression. This is what I believe and is what I have always tried to achieve … to find my own thing, my own voice. I dont want to be another carbon copy of any great musician, past or present: I don’t see the point of that. There have been so many good things done before, but one must find ones own sound.”
Bugge Wesseltoft

Since the early 1990´s Bugge Wesseltoft has made an impressive, truly post-modern transistion from his ECM nordic jazz traditions. Playing and recording together with the likes of Jan Garbarek, Sidsel Endresen, Terje Rypdal, Nils Petter Molvaer, Jon Eberson to forming his own innovative New Conception Of Jazz group and exquisite label “Jazzland Recordings”.

Since 2004, Bugge has been developing a solo project. As you can expect from Bugge, his solo work covers a broad spectrum: from melodic piano parts to experimental and atonal music and noise (and even manages to find space to integrate a new version of a standard). Many rhythms and grooves, both primeval and modern, are looped and entwined, and often sounds are distorted and reshaped on the fly; the concerts have a strong free improvisational component.

Wesseltoft is multi-decorated with critics prizes for creating a unique, fresh blend of “modern jazz”.

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