Ubunye (‘one-ness’) unites singers hailing from Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa (now Huddersfield-based) with gospel and R’n’B players from Yorkshire, in an inspirational blend of jazz, Isigqi - traditional Zulu music - and Afro-pop.

Imagine the raw power of African voices in harmony; the pounding rhythm of Africa blended with the explosive energy of a live band. This young and vibrant group of Zulu performers and seasoned musicians from UK reach back into the past to combine ancient tradition with contemporary flare.

Ubunye is one of Jazz North’ Northernline bands

Jazz North is the development agency for jazz in the North of England.

Their mission is to increase the profile of contemporary jazz in the North by developing opportunities for artists and building audiences through collective partnership working.

Jazz North's vision is that the North becomes recognised nationally and internationally as a place that enables jazz artists to reside, work and develop their practice in dialogue with interested, supportive and open-minded audiences.

Jazz North’s values: 

  • Artists and their creative practice are at the heart of every project we support and our partners share our vision;
  • Artists and their work will be presented to appreciative listening audiences in sympathetic environments which sustain their long term careers.

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